Nane Kratzke

Prof. Dr.
Nane Kratzke
Professor for Computer Science

Prof. Dr. Nane Kratzke

Lübeck University of Applied Sciences
Department for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Mönkhofer Weg 239
23562 Lübeck

Room: Geb. 17-0.10
Phone: +49 (0)451 300 5549

Nane Kratzke is a (coding) computer scientist. He teaches mainly in computer science(-related) study programmes. His special interest is directed at cloud-native application and cloud-native service related software engineering methodologies and corresponding application architectural styles like microservices or serverless architectures. Additionally, he is interested in machine learning, data science, distributed systems, and web-scale elastic systems.


  • Programming
  • Web Technology
  • Cloud-native Architectures
  • Cloud-native Programming


  • Cloud Computing
  • Cloud-native Applications
  • Service Computing
  • Microservices
  • Serverless Architectures
  • Web-scale Information Systems
  • Data Science