Nane Kratzke


Valuable Docker Links

Published: 24 Aug 2014 (latest update: 29 Oct 2017)
Author: Nane Kratzke

The Docker weekly email newsletter is a great service to stay tuned with Docker. You find great links, news, articles, howtos, manuals, and more, and all about Docker and its evolving ecosystem. Nevertheless, these informations are short-living. They are fading out of focus as the weeks pass by. But there are a lot of great posts which should be collected and presented in a more enduring way.

The links on this site are reviewed and updated weekly (very subjective).

Feel free to contact me if you think there are valuable links missing or if you aware of better links.

Warning: Links are not selected by objective criteria (this collection only contains links I find useful from a very personal point of view).

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What is Docker?

How to use Docker (tips and tricks)

Cool things you can do with Docker easily

Docker - How to use (and understand) the APIs

Using Docker programmatically (language bindings and IDEs)

How to containerize applications

Containerization Patterns

Docker machine

Docker Swarm Mode

Docker network

Data persistence for statefull services

How to log, monitor and manage docker performance

Securing Docker