Nane Kratzke


Web Technologies

Published: 11 Apr 2016 (latest update: 11 Jul 2016)
Short: Webtech
Semester: SS 2016
Study: Computer Science

This project is about common technologies used to build (part) of web information systems. The project course is given for students at L├╝beck University of Applied Sciences (in german language). The course covers following aspects:

  • descriptional languages for web content like HTML
  • presentational languages for web content like CSS
  • Document Object Model (DOM)
  • client and server side programming with Dart
  • security aspects like HTML/SQL injections or session hijacking
  • REST-based APIs

Students apply their intensified web programming skills by developing a small one person, DOM-tree based (that means not canvas based) online game like Tetris or Boulder Dash.

Reference implementations

  • SnakeDart: An exemplary reference game (another game has to be developped using Dart)
  • Gamekey: An exemplary REST-based Key-Value Store (has to be reimplemented in Dart)

Game outcomes

  • Team 1: Breakout
  • Team 2: Cube Dash
  • Team 3: Tank Game (entered Hall-of-Fame)
  • Team 4: Legend of Href
  • Team 5: Shovel Knight (not deployable to a static web server (not following Dart pub conventions, arrrgh)
  • Team 6: Till Death
  • Team 7: Kisten Schieben (entered Hall-of-Fame)
  • Team 8: Brick Game
  • Team 9: Namcap (aka Pacman) (entered Hall-of-Fame)
  • Team 10: (surrendered)
  • Team 11: NomNom (aka Pacman) (not deployable to a static web server (because game data has been referenced absolutely to localhost, arrrgh)
  • Team 12: Brick Crash
  • Team 13: Space Peons (not deployable to a static web server (due to wrong relative paths, arrrgh)
  • Team 14: Pint (not released for public)