Nane Kratzke


Cloud-native Architectures

Published: 18 Mar 2024 (latest update: 18 Mar 2024)
Short: CloudArch
Study: Computer Science/Distributed Systems, M. Sc.
Semester: SS 2024

The course Cloud-native Architectures is given for Master Computer Science students at the Lübeck University of Applied Sciences. It focuses mainly on cloud-native system design and corresponding architecture design patterns and methodologies for cloud-native applications.

This course continues the course Cloud-native Programming that provided the necessary “Everything-as-Code” programming capabilities to understand and create the design modern of cloud-native applications.

The course covers the following aspects and addresses each aspect from a practical development/programming point of view:

  • Microservice Architectures
    • Modeling loosely coupled architectures
    • Integration patterns
    • Scaling service-based architectures
    • 7 principles of microservice design
  • Serverless Architectures
    • Serverless definition
    • Strength and limitations of serverless architectures
    • Use cases for serverless architectures
  • Observable Architectures
    • Observability through monitoring (metrics, logs, tracing)
    • Service meshes
    • Traffic management, security, observability, and resiliency features of service meshes
    • Inside Istio (Service mesh type representative)
  • Designing CNA
    • Principles of Domain-Driven Design
    • Strategic design (Subdomains, Ubiquitous Language, Bounded Context, and Context Mapping)
    • Tactical design (Patterns for business logic, architectural patterns)