Nane Kratzke


Webtechnology Project

Published: 18 Mar 2024 (latest update: 18 Mar 2024)
Short: Webtech
Semester: SS 2024
Study: Computer science

This project is about common technologies used to build web and cloud-hosted information systems. The project course (German) is given for students at the L├╝beck University of Applied Sciences. The course is designed according to a project- and problem-based learning methodology and covers the following aspects:

  • Python introduction
  • HTTP in depth (HTTP1.1/2/3, Server Sent Events, gRPC, Websockets)
  • Client-side programming with Python using Streamlit
  • Deployment Pipelines
  • Containerization (Docker)
  • Container Orchestration (Kubernetes)
  • Large Language Models

Students intensify their (web) programming skills by solving the task to develop a small Large-language model based web application like Translate, Summarizer, Paraphraser, Wether Forecast, etc.



Reference app

  • KIRA: The THL-"ChatGPT" (A reference project to develop another LLM-based web application.)