Nane Kratzke


Extension of PumpScanner with an interface for Bluetooth communications with the PSCommunicator

Published: 04 Mar 2014
Type: Bachelor (B. Sc.)
State: completed
Study: Information Technology (ECUST)
Language: English
Author: Ying Xu
Company: Lorentz GmbH & Co. KG
Remark: non-disclosure agreement

The Android App PumpScanner by Lorentz GmbH & Co. KG is able to communicate with the Lorentz DataModule using the smartphone’s Bluetooth module. The DataModule is placed directly on the pump and measures and stores actual data and pump settings.

Additionally the customers are offered a product named PSCommunicator. This device has a Bluetooth module and a GSM module and acts like a transmitter to forward the actual data and the settings to the Lorentz server. On the server, the customers can log in and check and control their pumps. Right now, PumpScanner can only be used to communicate with pumps.

The PumpScanner App has to be extended with features to supply communication with the PSCommunicator.

In detail the following tasks have to be performed:

  • analyze PumpScanner to add a navigation for the PSCommunicator, use existing PumpScanner parts like the Bluetooth interface and the database
  • develop a specification sheet based on given requirements
  • define all necessary messages based on the Lorentz Protocol
  • display actual values like solar voltage, battery state, GSM network state, Bluetooth environment
  • display and change settings like APN-string, whitelist/blacklist for surrounding pumps, sample rate
  • develop a test routine for the final production test at the factory
  • develop a setup routine for the installation at the customers site using directional antennas

PumpScanner is programmed in JAVA using the Android Development Toolkit supplied by Google. All Test devices will be supplied by Lorentz.