Nane Kratzke


Analysis of Face Recognition Capabilities by Example of a Mobile Web Game

Published: 12 Dec 2017 (latest update: 19 Jun 2018)
Type: Bachelor (B. Sc.)
State: completed
Study: Information Technology
Language: English
Author: Wei Dai
Institute: CoSA

This thesis shall identify face recognition, face tracking, and face gesture recognition libraries,

  • summarize and categorize their features,
  • assess and compare their efficiency,

to develop and realize an interesting game concept that demonstrates face recognition capabilities of smartphones. The resulting web game should be executable in a modern mobile HTML5 web browser. The game is intended to be presented on fairs to demonstrate student outcomes of computer science students. The game will likely involve technologies like JavaScript, HTML, DOM-Tree, CSS and so on. The game should be realized as a single page web app. No server component should be necessary to operate the game.

It is recommended to study and consider this template for thesis documentation from the very beginning.

Tasks, Documentation and Outcomes:

  • Analyze face recognition, face tracking, and face gesture recognition libraries
  • Compare performance and efficiency of such kind of libraries
  • Summarize features, opportunities and limitations of these libraries and derive an interesting game concpet that is playable on a wide range of mobile browsers on smartphones
  • Implementation and documentation of the game
  • Evaluation of the game including typical software testing and user acceptance strategies
  • Documentation of the above mentioned steps.